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Lights On Art and Culture features businesses downtown Chicopee

New businesses have begun to open their entryways in downtown Chicopee.

A significant number of them with assistance from the Chamber of Commerce. Utilizing one of their quickening agent shop spaces, or on account of Goodworks Coffee House, a network advancement square award.

Before opening the coffee shop, I wanted to still have that social component to our coffee shop, that?s why we called it Goodworks, proprietor Victor Narvaez told 22News.

What's more, Narvaez, who worked for the Department of Children and Families before Goodworks opened its entryways, had the option to join two of his interests at Chicopee's Lights On Art and Culture event. Shops and businesses in Chicopee remain open late, numerous displaying crafted by nearby artists.

Displaying kids who are in foster care, their artwork, and the story of where they come from, Narvaez said. They are in foster homes waiting to be adopted, so we wanted to be a part of that.?

Narvaez disclosed to 22News the specialists are largely children standing by to be received. He said he trusts the photos can start something in their clients.

It is awesome that it can be displayed in public places cause here in the coffee shop we get so many different people from so many different places. These pictures can spark up a conversation, can spark up an interest. And we do want to be a part of that, Narvaez proceeded.

As indicated by Leandra Rivera only a couple of entryways down at Studio L, the individuals that desire the espresso, stop in for some shopping.

The foot traffic from Goodworks definitely helps my business thrive as well, she told 22News.

Rivera said with occasions like Lights On Art and Culture the Chamber of Commerce, social gathering, and entrepreneurs can cooperate to attract more individuals.

The people of the community coming together, and with the Chamber of Commerce and the cultural committee, it allows us all to create a community, but also let people know what we have to offer, she said.

Rivera included, Also just spark up more entrepreneurs to start-up businesses and bring more people to the community.?

Since 2018, the Lights On Art and Culture gatherings have turned into a quarterly event.